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What Can You Expect When You Have an Intuitive Card Reading with Me?

I smudge my reading room and meditate to tune in to my guides as preparation for all card readings. Next, while holding my pendulum over all my decks (more than 50 lol), I ask our guides to help me pick the cards that will give you the guidance you need at this moment. I always select one of my Angel Tarot decks and any additional oracle decks as I am guided to; if you have requested a specific area you wish to focus on when booking your reading such as Life Purpose, Love and Romance, Career, etc., I will include the deck I have that corresponds with it.

I put my ego and personal thoughts aside in order to conduct your reading. The cards are the bridge I use to connect to your soul then to your guides. I stay on the surface so I do not pry into your business and will only delve deeper, if needed, for clarity and with your permission. Many times the messages that come through are the inklings, intuition and nudges you have been receiving but are not paying attention to.

Any guidance that comes through are suggestions from a place of the deepest love for you with no judgement, usually to help you right now or to bring more happiness into your life. Just like when you are using a GPS, you're in the driver’s seat---you will have to continue to drive toward your destination (take action) and make decisions (use guidance or not). Don't worry, you will get to your destination regardless of unexpected stops and turns you miss.

I may not remember what I said during your reading, and it’s not personal. The information I receive doesn’t come from my brain or are thoughts from me, so it’s not in my memory. Your guides pass the information they have for you through me. I’m the apparatus (like a telephone) your guides use.

I feel the trust you place in me is sacred. All readings are confidential and stay that way, however, it’s fine for you to share your experience with anyone you wish.

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