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How Long Should I Wait To Get A Reading After A Loved One Passes?

The answer is different for every person. For someone experiencing "normal" grief, it's when you are ready to be open and not in a profound state of grief. Everyone experiences acute grief for different lengths of time as it waxes and wanes.

Grief lowers your vibration (which is normal), however, if you are deeply in grief it makes getting a reading a difficult experience for both of us. You may wish to have a Reiki/Healing session instead to help ease some of your pain.

Feeling and sensing your loved one, recognizing their personality, sense of humor and hearing your shared memories as they come through can be very painful if it's too soon. Some might be ready to deal with these emotions, and some might need some more time to pass before they are able to receive communication.

As far as spirit is concerned, I have had loved ones come through to me in less than 24 hours and others within two weeks. In my experience, they do not need much time to adjust.

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