The Power of Woo Woo

A few weeks ago my friend Dave* and his husband booked me for a psychic reading party at their home. Dave was the last person to be read of 8 people. I knew Dave was skeptical. I respect skeptics as I am one; I never try to convince anyone about what I do. Dave was a little shaken up after his reading, not because of the reading itself, but because he couldn’t reconcile how I could know the things that came out during his reading. I offered to give him reiki to help.

Heat radiates out of my hands when I administer reiki, some of my clients feel it; others don’t. Reiki works whether the client feels it or not. Dave is a surgeon and as he felt the heat coming out of my hands he said, “Wendy there is no medical or scientific reason that can explain the heat coming out of your hands!” The weird thing is if you touch my hands (which Dave did) they are at a normal temperature. Dave then jumped up and used the thermometer app on his iPhone. He freaked out as he saw the middle of my hands were white hot, which he said was impossible. I asked him to check my forehead as well because when I do psychic/medium readings the middle of my forehead gets really hot. My forehead was white hot. Dave checked everyone else’s forehead in the room and no one measured in the white or red zone, in fact they were all dark. Dave then checked everyone’s hands. All were dark except for his husband’s who was lovingly petting their dog. His hands were white. Ahh as I suspected… another healer! LOL

*Name changed

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