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The Power of Woo Woo

My friend Dave* and his husband invited me to conduct a psychic reading party at their home. As the eighth and final person to be read, Dave's skepticism was palpable. As a fellow skeptic, I respected his doubts and never attempt to force my beliefs on anyone. However, Dave was taken aback by the accuracy of the information that came through during his reading, leaving him questioning how I could have known such personal details.

In an effort to help relieve his unease, I offered to provide him Reiki. While administering Reiki, my hands radiate heat, and although some of my clients can feel it, others cannot. It's important to note that Reiki works regardless of the client's ability to sense the energy. Dave, being a surgeon, was quick to point out that there is no medical or scientific explanation for the heat emanating from my hands. Even more curious was the fact that when he touched my hands, they were at a normal temperature. Dave proceeded to use a thermometer app on his iPhone, which revealed that the center of my hands were "white hot" - a phenomenon he deemed impossible.

Intrigued, I asked him to check my forehead as well, as it tends to get very hot during psychic or medium readings. To his surprise, my forehead also registered as "white hot." Dave proceeded to check everyone else's forehead in the room, and no one measured in the white or red zone; in fact, they were all dark. He then checked everyone's hands, and they were all dark, except for his husband's, who was lovingly petting their dog. His hands were also "white hot." As suspected, his husband was revealed to be another healer - a delightful discovery that left us all laughing.

Overall, it was a fascinating and enlightening experience that showcased the intersection of science and mysticism, as well as the power of healing energy.

*Name changed

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