How I Work

Reading and Healing sessions require a sacred trust between the soul of the person I am working with and myself.  Under no circumstances do I freely delve into any ones soul or thoughts without their permission.  This also applies to clients asking me to read another person’s soul such as children and partners.
I have an on – off internal switch; when I am working with clients it’s on, when I am not – it’s off.
My readings offer guidance toward your highest and best good and happiness---usually information you need to hear right now.  Due to free will, there are many outcomes depending on the choices you make and how you use the information I give you.
I am also a medium, if you wish to connect to a deceased loved one, just let me know.  I make this type of connection after I have read you.
It’s healthy to be skeptical, for the best experience, try to be open to the process!
Please refrain from wearing perfume and drinking alcohol prior to your reading/healing session.

All Services are provided via Zoom or FaceTime