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About Me

I have had psychic abilities since early childhood but didn't understand them and pushed them aside.


While training for Reiki I in 2011, my gifts resurfaced.  A few years later, I was told by another medium that if I didn't start using my gifts I would lose them. 

I started working professionally as a psychic medium in 2013 at Sacred Green Earth in Oaklyn, NJ surrounded by other psychics and mediums. Their Psychic Fairs were the perfect training ground for me. 

I am humbled and honored by the beautiful souls that have reached out to me for readings and healing.

I use all my gifts to help my clients:

Ease their suffering

Find their direction

Learn to trust their intuition

Ease their grief

Live their happiest life possible


I have a deep respect for all beliefs, including not having one.


Love & Blessings,

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