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Usui Reiki Master
Energy Healer
Spiritual Coach


Healing Session

Wendy Grace is Usui Reiki Master and will utilize Reiki, Crystals, Magnetic and other healing modalities to help you: 

  • Discover Inner Peace

  • Release Worries, Negative Emotions & Beliefs

  • Balance Chakras

  • Ease Stress and Addictions

  • Refresh and Relax Your Body

  • Reconnect to Your Soul, Spirituality & Intuition

*Special Rates apply for Babies, Children under 12 and pets.

Intuitive Card Reading

Feeling overwhelmed, grieving, stuck or confused? Maybe everything is great but you feel you could be happier and get greater enjoyment out of life?   


As a Certified Angel Card Reader™  Wendy Grace uses all of her gifts to help you become clearer on any issue of importance and to help guide you toward fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Wendy Grace will share the helpful, hopeful and healing messages she receives from your guides and answer your most pressing questions. You will receive clear guidance about possible actions or choices you can make which can lead to spiritual growth and happiness.

Mediumship Session

In a mediumship session, Wendy Grace will connect directly with your loved ones who have passed over and convey their messages to you.

A Mediumship session can:

  • Aid someone "stuck" in their grief

  • Resolve painful thoughts about the deceased loved one's passing

  • Help you process loss

***Readings and Healing Sessions are intended to be a supplement to and not a substitute for professional medical and/or mental care and treatment. In the case of serious ailments or conditions, you should consult your medical or mental health provider for advice.***

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